Friday, October 17, 2008

hey lets get married.

I am not the marrying types ...he said. And he was in his second marriage.
Oho thats his "third wife"
Oho he was married to Z and she was married to MrY earlier.
Oho they are about to get married......I think or I hope so

I realised i was in a sea of second marriages...some third or about to become third and so on.

And my first instinct was BLOODY HELL "This is life"... some guys really know how to have fun or some people really get to max their lives "MAX it".

what am i doing wrong! Am i not keeping up with the society.

But this is not about self pity.. No it isnt

suddenly it hit me...And i said HEY who says LIFE doesnt give a second chance and that marriage more than once is bad!!!!!

This bloody society seems to be thriving on it.....what is also interesting is who else is thriving on it....not only is life giving these lost souls something but is also subliminally providing gains to all and sundry....Happiness is being spread.

and the priest said "Let them be happy and let all be happy and so it happened......."

So who all does this new phenomenon affect.....and i realised this new phenomenon is keeping many of us afloat......yes it causes hurt to a few but today i will not talk about it. Today is about positive side of things only wala day.................

Some of the recipients of second marriages are ..................

1) Private eyes
2) Divorce lawyers / Priests/ Band wallahs? DJs/ Astrologers
3)Quick holiday get aways
4)Travel agencies - Honeymoon packages
5) Residential complexes - New homes
6) Grooming Industry - many of ther TG got younger again!!!! The wooer needs their help again
7) Airline Industry/Cabbie companies/Transportation companies
8) Dress makers /Apparel industry
9) Caterers/Party people/Event managers
10) Liquour companies/Soft drink makers
11) Photographers/Camera makers
12) Gifting companies

etc etc etc

So long live the second chance or the third chance or whatever..

and may god give the new couples happiness...till the next time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my way or highway! friend who is a divorcee" she said .... and i went Hunhhhhhhhhh

i said "stop" and i took a minute to frame my question.
I said i dont know many divorcee women..our generation. Lets talk about them and what goes on with them. how do they deal with life after..why did they questions went on....!

She said, i have 5 women friends who r a divorcee! and its not so uncommon!
I wondered what could be the reason.....

she said " the couple had arguments- they disagreed, they found peace and love outside the marriage, it all added up and so they decided to separate"

It sounded pretty simple and straightforward. But it makes me wonder......

Since when have we allowed disagreements to build up to a divorce!
Is divorce not so traumatic anymore!
Is a second life so simple!
Do we take the first marriage as a trial run!
Is it easy for the aaj ki nari!
Has the empowerment led to this!
what happened family structures!

has anyone noticed this !!

What Next?

I discovered writers block.
Inspite of so many things going around myself i still couldnt find a single thread which i could pursue! Guess i went blind for a lil while or maybe i was surrounded by things which werent inspiring or maybe it was vastu, or maybe someone did vodoo on me. ( I think i sensed some pins !)

Have a thought today and here i go once again.......


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ten thousand things that i can do

Am in-between jobs................and thats a wonderful thing.

And as i am in a delightfully happy withdrawl mode, have ample time on my hands to invest.
Now everybody says time is money. So the challenge is how does one make best use of the money/time that i have, and not just idle it away.No, am not wanting to cram it with wanting to cram it with memories.

But what all is out there that i can do to have memories that are not possible on any normal day. I sit and wonder and some not so exciting things come to my mind.

What would peple like to do with their in-between jobs time that will give them memories worth cherishing.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi to Buddha ji

My friend has just discovered Buddha ji.

I just spoke to her. She told me she has become a buddhist or as we say adopted buddhism.

I dont know what to i supposed to say "Good job" or "oh my Gosh" or "Lucky you" or "poor you" or "why" or just clap or just "nod my head in understanding" it good or bad or whatever?

It seems to be the biggest thing happening around. I suddenly that this phenomenon is not an isolated one, there are many people around me who seem to be adopting buddhism. Is it the biggest thing after You tube and facebook?

Somebody may ask "Do i have any problems with it or people adopting it? "
No i dont.

I just want to know what has happened suddenly for people to have discovered it. I also notice that its mostly the young and restless who are flocking towards it.....its not the 50 plus audience looking for nirvana near the retirement stage etc. Its the 20 something that seems to be embracing it.Mostly.

Has it become a status symbol of the new age professionals or does it have answers that the young seek?

I couldnt understand what was the attraction or better still what made my friend disenchanted with hindusim. Or was it really disenchantement, could it be adoption without disenchantement. But if so what would have been the reason....
- Is hinduism complicated for someone to understand and follow
- Are there not many champions of hindu campaigning for it
- do people really know what all is there to find in it
-Does it not have the answer one seeks
-Is it Jaded or old fashioned or for old people
- Has it become difficult to understand and follow, have people made it complicated?
- Is buddhism the new age thing
-Is its simplicity the attraction for the new generation
-Is the chanting away from home/temple and reduction of limitations the attraction
-Is the simplicity of procedures the attraction
-Are the celebrities adding to the attraction....Dalai lama, Richard gere, Sharon stone
- Or is it cool to say " bad Karma of previous birth" and blame it for so called "hardships"
- Or is the Olympics adding to the attraction

I wouldnt know. . I dont know much about either hindusim or buddhism in detail to confirm or deny.
But i believe that the answer to all our queries is there to be found in both.

The issue is whether people have truly explored the path that they have been following and then rejected one for the other...or have just followed a path that they suddenly think is better? If so, what has made them think so......

Maybe we need to market hindusim better or repackage it.

Get the sparkle back into it. Get the beatles back, throw the traditionalists fanatics into cells as well as wells, make it more than the havans ,poojas and fasts. How about some celebrities ? How about Seal and Heidi Klum? How about keeping it simple...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Am loving it...

I love advertising and i work in a B2B industry, where it has limited role to play.

We married the two.

I love the new look.

A few things i love and hate

I love advertising. I have realised it finally.For good or bad.
I love its quirks and I love its people.
I love exciting people with the unthinkable.
I love washing away the smirk from the faces of the smug ass holes who think they know it all.
I love the joy of discovering an idea.
I hate people who walk into it without any passion to do something wonderful.
I hate people who hire such people.
I hate people who bring a bad name to it by slackness and dont care attitude.
I hate people who come late to office just because they think thats cool.
I hate so called communication experts who dont know their clients business.
I hate people who limit their delivery to just what is required.